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KLEC Objectives

Our main goal is to raise Godly leaders and great minds that will create a positive change in their world. We achieve this through our accelerated Christian Education Curriculum (ACE).

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We are ACE based School focused on excellence.

Kingdom Life Education Center (KLEC) is a Christian and English school providing excellent and affordable education, promoting high morals, Godly character values and strong Biblical principles. Our school is using A. C. E. (Accelerated Christian Education) curricu- lum, affiliated to Light House Christian Academy in America.

We provide dual enrolment for our students which ena- bles them to get two certificates upon graduation, one from our school and the other from Light House Chris- tian Academy. If the parents can afford to pay, a student can be transfered to Light House Accademy provided that the student have attained some academic standards.

In our school, students are placed at a subject level where they can best perform. Because our system is indi- vidualized, both gifted and non-gifted stutents get perso- nal attention. We understand that every child is unique with vast potential so we educate our student as a whole child. We also involve the parents in our academic system

Our school organizes summer classes for those who want to improve their English communication skills wherein s tudents from other schools are welcome to join.

Why Choose KLEC School

Our Uniqueness

Dual Enrollment

A student that graduates from KLEC will have two certificates upon graduation. One certificate from KLEC and another from the Light House Christian Academy USA if the student meets the academic standard.


International Student Convention (ISC)

Our upper-level students can attend the International Student Convention in the United State of America. Students from all over the world will be in attendant and it is a great occasion to meet with other students around the globe.

Regional Student Convention (RSC)

Our students have the privilege to attend the Regional Student Convention. This helps the students to connect with other students from far East Asia. The students participate in athletic activities

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